3 Steps to Deal with Wet Mobile Phone

The MacBook Chargers in Darwin are readily available at the best prices. This is the reason that people prefer MacBook repair in Darwin owing to the speedy and quality services. Here you do not have to wait long for iPhone glass replacement also. In case you have got your phone wet then there are few things that you can do. Here are 3 steps to deal with wet mobile phone.

Taking out the battery

The moment you realize that your phone has got wet, the very first thing that you are expected to do is remove the battery. This is the only thing that can save your smartphone. In case you fail to remove the battery timely then your phone might face short-circuit thereby becoming irreparable. A small delay on your end can cause a lot of damage. The moment you remove the battery, you should also make it a point to take out the SIM card and the memory card so that these do not get damaged.

Dismantling the phone

It might take you time to take the battery out of the phone and meanwhile the water might have intruded to some parts of the phone via the openings. You should therefore dismantle and dry the water or the liquid spill. You need not pen up the screws in case you are not good as a technician but yes the major parts that can easily be dismantled should be done as soon as possible. You may make use of a hair dryer or direct sunlight to dry the device.

Cleaning and reassembling

Water is liable to cause corrosion on the motherboard due to the minerals it contains. This makes it necessary for you to clear and wipe the motherboard with the help of isopropyl alcohol. You may also use spirit or thinner. Having done all this, next you need to reassemble the parts of the phone and then switch it on. If you have done this is the shortest possible time you will see that your phone is functioning well.

Wrapping up, these are the 3 steps to deal with wet mobile phone. So next time you get your phone wet then you know well what you have to do.

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